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The Stiegelmeyer Group stands for premium quality hospital and care products, developed specifically for the complex demands of medical practice. Our beds and furniture are used in hospitals, care facilities and for caring at home. In order to consistently maintain our high quality standards, we manufacture our core products ourselves.

Stiegelmeyer was founded in the East Westphalian town of Herford in the year 1900. In its over 115-year history, the family-run company has been at the vanguard of advancements in modern hospital beds and care beds. We have pioneered, for example, the development of machine-washable beds and mobilisation beds for many decades.

We help our customers to fulfil every task in the best possible way. Our products promote health and make an important contribution to recovery. They sustain the quality of life of those in need of care and enhance their well-being through comfort and safety. Our comfort beds for private customers leave nothing to be desired in terms of individuality and design.

The Stiegelmeyer Group exports its products to more than 60 countries and operates distribution companies in Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Poland and South Africa.

successfully in over 60 countries

over 100 years of experience

1.000 employees worldwide

10 distribution companies

social and ecological commitment

A structure with method

The products and services within the Stiegelmeyer Group are thematically organised into the divisions “Clinic”, “Care”, “Homecare” and “Assist”. All divisions work together closely and benefit from each other.

“Clinic” encompasses a wide range of bed models for every hospital department. The choice ranges from infant trolleys to intensive care beds. We also have bedside cabinets, transport chairs and stretchers, and accessories. Current models such as the Puro and the Evario make an important contribution to reliable hygiene in hospitals and assist staff with their daily routine.

“Care” stands for care beds and mobilisation beds in senior residences and rehabilitation centres. The range is rounded off with seating furniture, bedside cabinets and cupboards, as well as furniture for duty rooms.

The split safety sides on many beds are designed to let those in need of care get in and out of bed unhindered. Designs and decors that create a homelike atmosphere enhance the quality of day-to-day life.

“Homecare” is represented by Burmeier and encompasses beds, bedside cabinets, furniture, patient lifts and transport chairs for caring at home. The 24-volt Dali II model is the top-selling care bed in Germany.

“Assist” is a Germany-wide service for inspections, maintenance and repairs to beds, as well as for staff training and process optimisation in hospitals.


Beds and furniture for hospitals


Beds and furniture for care facilities


Beds and furniture for caring at home


Maintenance, inspections and process optimisation

German design and engineering

As a medium-sized German enterprise with headquarters in Germany, we design and produce for our domestic clients as well as for global markets. With demand steadily growing, we strive to be the driver of innovation too. This is why we are constantly expanding our global production and distribution facilities.

Our quality standards are the same all over the globe. To maintain them, and to be able to respond closely to market demands, we design and produce our core products in-house.

Since we are keenly aware of our roots, we have great confidence in our German business location and continue to invest in it. This is illustrated by our modern production facilities in Herford and Nordhausen, as well as in our exhibition centre at our headquarters in Herford.

Here, our customers can experience all of our products against a backdrop of exceptionally stylish architecture – German design and engineering.

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